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Frequently Asked Questions

Member FAQs

1. What is Ad2Prosper?

Ad2Prosper is an incentive site that allows you to earn real money by completing simple tasks.

Advertisers can use our Ad2Posper Click, Coin Toss, Sign Up, Featured Advertisement, Featured Link, or Banner systems to get real human visitors. We use that income to pay our members.

You can join and start earning completely free.

2. How much can I make?

The income you make will vary depending on a few factors including your membership type, amount of referrals in your downline, and type of advertisement viewed.

Here's an example:
If you are a Gold Member with 12 Gold Members who also have their 12 Gold Members, you earn $1331 (US dollars) per month and $15 975 (US dollars) a year.

You can earn even more if you refer more members, or use our Co-op marketing referral system.

3. When do I get paid?

As a Free Member you get paid 30 days after you reach the minimum payout. The minimum payout for Free members is set at $30. As an Upgraded Partner you get paid as soon as you reach the minimum Payout and ask to cashout. The minimum cashout for Upgraded members is set at $5.

4. What are referrals?

Referrals are members on Ad2Prosper who you can earn money from every time they place an order. There are two ways to gain referrals on Ad2Prosper .

Direct Referrals:
These are people you refer using your referral link.

Co-op Referrals:
You can order Co-op referrals and receive them in your A2P down line. Simply login, go to click 'Buy Direct Referral' in your dashboard, and select the package you prefer.

The Co-op prices are alway updated in your dashboard.

The maximum amount of Co-op referrals you are allowed to have depends on your membership as detailed in the official compensation plan.

5. How long does it take to receive what I paid for?

Once you pay to fund your Prosper or Advertising balance you will be credited instantly. If you are not credited within 10 minutes contact us and we will credit your account as soon as possible.

6. Can other people in my house join?

Yes! As we are not a PTC platform, this is not a problem.

You are not allowed to use a Proxy or Virtual Network (VN), we will ban accounts that do.

7. Are there rules for staying active?

Upgraded members must click a specific number of ads per day as explained in the official compensation plan, to earn from their referrals the following day.

8. I've done the required clicks and earned the Startup bonus, but now I don't know what I am supposed to do. I need $15 to upgrade to the next level but I have no idea how to go about this?

Thanks to your startup bonus, your prosper balance has been credited with $5.10 dollars. So if you want to upgrade to Bronze, you just have to fund your prosper balance with $9.90 using the link you find on the left of your dashboard.

Once you have funded your prosper balance, you can click the upgrade button in the dashboard, select the Bronze package and click the purchase button.

Advertiser FAQs

1. Would you like to advertise?

Advertising with Ad2Prosper is easy. All you have to do is fund your balance, setup an advertisement, and your traffic starts coming.

Advertisement Management

  • One time advertisement approval.
  • Stop/Pause/Delete advertisements.
  • Set a demographic filter.
  • Fund your advertising balance to have it on hand.
  • Well displayed detailed statistics.

Click Management

  • Advertise buy funding your balance or converting your earnings.
  • Full management of your clicks.
  • Assign and remove clicks form any advertisement.

Demographic Filter

  • Decide what regions can see your advertisement.
  • Disable and enable the demographic filter at any time.

Quality Guarantee

  • A strong anti-cheat and bot protection. All your visitors will be genuine humans.
  • We will make sure we deliver quality hits to your site.

Terms Of Service

0. SPAM and Communication Policy

0.1. Spammers Not Welcome Here. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE spam policy. It's extremely simple: if you try to spam, we immediately close your Ad2Prosper account. You will not get any refund.

You may also be subject to legal action and held liable for any financial loss incurred by Ad2Prosper and Proprofit Worldwide Ltd. Spamming is also punishable in some countries and states by fines of as much as $25,000.

0.2. All support tickets or any other message sent to Ad2Prosper directly or indirectly, containing threats, insults or any other kind of offence, will be automatically deleted with no reply, the sender's membership will be automatically terminated and all pending commissions immediately forfeited.

0.3. We don't allow to use any name or brand owned by Proprofit Wordwide Ltd (such as Ad2Prosper), in the title of blogs or URLs, domains, social Networks, etc., unless it is clearly specified that the page is not the official one and that it is managed by an independent Ad2Prosper Affiliate. In no case the name Ad2Prosper can stand alone as it is strictly reserved for the Company usage. Any violation of this policy may result in account suspension and deletion.

1. Forums

1.1. You may read the forums and use them as long as you follow the rules.

1.2. You may use our forum fully when you are logged in, you do not need to register twice.

1.3. You must respect everyone on the forums, and keep it family friendly.

1.4. You may not be racist/sexist or abusive to other members.

1.5. You can only post links to sites other than Ad2Prosper where specified.

1.6. You may not use any avatar or signature that could be considered offensive.

1.7. You must respect all decisions made by the Admins and Moderators.

1.8. Moderators are mostly volunteers, they are not paid.

1.9. Moderators cannot access your Ad2Prosper account, only Admins can.

1.10. You may not post any personal details on the forums, yours or otherwise.

1.11. We take no responsibility for any emotional, financial, physical, virtual, or any other type of damage that you may incur through the use of the forums.

1.12. You may choose to show your statistics on the forum through your settings.

2. Account

2.1. You are expected to keep your passwords safe and unknown to everyone but you.

2.2. Your cashout pin(cashpin) will be requested before every cashout.

2.3. You may only have a single account. Any attempt to create multiple accounts will result in a permanent suspension.

2.4. You must verify all email addresses used during the signup process.

2.5. You must verify your emails again if you change them. Changing your email will close cashouts for your account for 48 hours.

2.6. Your email addresses will only be seen by website staff. Ad2Prosper staff will never ask you for your password.

2.7. Ad2Prosper accounts are non transferrable. Any attempt to transfer your account to another person will end in suspension.

2.8. We reserve the right to access your account at any time and for any reason.

2.9. Accounts not active for 30 days, unless vacation mode is enabled, will be suspended and all balances forfeited. If the account is not unsuspended within 60 days by the owner it will be permanently deleted.

2.10. Any account found using false details will be suspended and deleted permanently.

3. Referrals

3.1. You may refer as many people as your membership allows.

3.2. You may refer others in your household.

3.3. Any spamming on Ad2Prosper or other websites will result in account suspension and deletion.

3.4. You may earn through your direct referrals as well as rented referrals.

3.5. You can only rent referrals when they are available, otherwise you must join the queue.

3.6. Referrals are rented for 30 days, unless you choose to keep them they will be removed once this period is up.

3.7. You may use autopay, referral recycling, and rental time extending as you see fit.

3.8. A referral may never edit his/her upline.

3.9. Direct Referral orders are non refundable. Before placing an order for any Direct Referral package, make sure you have read and understood the refund policy for direct referral purchases that you find at this URL: https://ad2prosper.com/business/refund-policy-for-direct-referral-purchases/

Any attempt to refund, chargeback, or dispute with Ad2Prosper will result in account suspension and a $100 penalty.

4. Upgrading

CAUTION: before funding your Ad2Prosper Account via PayPal to purchase your upgrade package, make sure you have understood perfectly what you are paying for, how the Plan2Prosper works and make sure you have read and understood our NO Refund Policy: http://ad2prosper.com/legal.php#tab4

4.1. Different partnership types affect the prices of referral renting and maintenance.

4.2. Different partnership types allow members to earn different amounts from their referrals.

4.3. Partnerships can also grant extended vacation time, larger direct referral limit, larger referral packages, and more. For all the details check the specific partnership type.

4.4. Once a membership expires, you must renew it to keep the benefits.

4.5. All Direct Rererrals included in the Upgrade packaged are intended as a FREE BONUS reserved to our Partners. There is no guarantee that these Referrals will become active and produce a profit for you.

5. Cheater Policy

5.1. Any attempt to use automated software, multiple accounts, or any other method deemed cheating by Ad2Prosper will end in account suspension.

5.2. We reserve the right to suspend and delete any accounts found to be cheating or attempting to cheat.

5.3. Any user who is found exploiting a bug will be suspended indefinitely.

5.4. Cheating is defined as using any method to earn from Ad2Prosper that was not intended.

6. The Quick Earner Set of Rules

See this set of rules here: https://ad2prosper.com/business/the-quick-earner-rules/

7. Cashouts

7.1. All payments are made through . Payment is instant unless otherwise stated.

7.2. All members may cashout their funds once they reached the minimum cashout.

7.3. The minimum cashout is $30 for the first cashout, $10 for the second cashout, $10 for the third, and $10 for every cashout after that.

7.4. The amount of days between cashouts varies depending on your membership type.

7.5. Any issues due to payment processors will be addressed. We do not take responsibility for any malfunctions.

7.6. Payment will be sent to the payment address registered on your account.

7.7. Users suspected of cheating will need to be audited before they can cashout.

8. Advertisements

8.1. We do not accept and websites with illegal content(such as Warez, Pornography, Drugs).

8.2. We do not accept websites that break our ad viewing frame.

8.3. Users can view advertisements every 24 hours. Advertisements reset at 12PM server time.

8.3. We will fulfill all advertising purchases.

8.4. You may set delays if you do not want your site to gain all the advertising at once.

8.5. To earn your daily Commissions you need to have achieved the Click requirement established for your membership type, for the previous day

9. Payments

9.1. You may pay for services using

9.1. You may only purchase through verified PayPal accounts.

9.2. You will receive any goods or services you pay for.

9.3. Payments are confirmed using IPN, if this fails please contact us at info@ad2prosper.com.

9.5. We have a no refund policy unless we cannot deliver the service purchased.

9.5. Any attempt to refund, chargeback, or dispute with Ad2Prosper will result in account suspension and a $100 penalty.

10. Account Suspension and termination

10.1. We reserve the right to suspend and delete any accounts which we deem to be cheating or exploiting Ad2Prosper.

10.2. We reserve the right to keep any information to identify and legally pursue anyone we find suspicious and harmful for the reputation of Ad2Prosper, its mother company, staff, owners and partners.

10.3. Accounts can be deleted for inactivity.

10.4. Account suspension is not final, you may dispute it.

10.5. Account deletion is final, the deleted account may never be recovered.

11. Liability

11.1. We will not be liable for any events that we cannot control.

11.2. We can edit our website and Terms of Service at anytime and for any reason.

11.3. We do not guarantee you will profit from Ad2Prosper, nor that you will not make any losses.

11.4. Any problems caused by our hosting, payment processors, ISP, or any third parties are not our fault.

Privacy Policy

1. Cookies

1.1 Your browser must accept cookies so we can store information.

1.2 Cookies will only be used to store your preferences and no identifiable information.

2. User Emails

2.1. We will not share, sell, or trade your information to third parties not related to Ad2PRosper.

2.2. We may use your email to contact you at any time.

2.3. We will use your payment accounts to pay you.

3. User Password

3.1. Your password is saved safely in our database through undecryptable 256-bit binary encryption.

4. Username

4.1. Your username will be shown, and may be shown by us at anytime.

4.2. Your username will show in the chat and forum.

5. Advertisements

5.1. We try to avoid offensive ads. If one is displayed, please report it at info@ad2prosper.com and we will remove it.

5.2. If you click an ad, you are expected to view it.

5.3. You must obey the rules of websites you visit while using our service.

Refunds Policy

1. Advertiser Balance Additions

1.1 Advertiser balance additons are non refundable. Any attempt to refund, chargeback, or dispute with Ad2Prosper will result in account suspension and a $100 penalty.

2. Prosper Balance Additions

2.1. Prosper balance additions are non refundable. Any attempt to refund, chargeback, or dispute with Ad2Prosper will result in account suspension and a $100 penalty.

3. Direct Referral purchases

3.1. Direct Referral orders are non refundable. Before placing an order for any Direct Referral package, make sure you have read and understood the refund policy for direct referral purchases that you find at this URL: https://ad2prosper.com/business/refund-policy-for-direct-referral-purchases/

Any attempt to refund, chargeback, or dispute with Ad2Prosper will result in account suspension and a $100 penalty.