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A2P Business Compact

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A2P Affiliate Program

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  1. All the subscribers of our special “A2P Business Compact” packs have the right to earn commissions on all the products and services bought by the people in their downline, with their same kind of membership or lesser.
  2. All Business Compact’s subscribers earn commissions on 6 levels of memberships of their same type or lesser. If a member in your downline buys a Business Compact pack higher than yours, you lose the corresponding commission. But you still have a 48-hour time frame to buy their same or higher kind of pack, in order to keep their entire network and earn all the future corresponding commissions. Otherwise you lose them all. Read about this in the “Quick earner set of rules” page here.
  3. Commissions are generated to 6 levels of  upline sponsors each time a member makes a purchase at A2P.
  4. The commission plan is currently designed so that with only 2 referrals who buy the same pack as you, your personal purchase is paid back. This is done to encourage our best customers’ personal commitment to bringing new loyal customers to our exclusive Auctions and advertising platform.
  5. This special commission plan, allows all our customers to participate to our auctions, and win products potentially for free, as well as creating a large residual income depending on the time and effort our customers devote to promote the business.
  6. You need to click 10 a2p ads daily (this number can vary from time to time), in order to be entitled to earn the commissions that your referrals could generate for you the day after.


All the packages showed below include the bids you need to play at our awesome Auctions2Prosper and win business development tools as well as (coming soon) all kinds of high demanded products, at prices that are far below typical retail price, starting at one cent!

50% Direct Commissions

All Business Compact packs are valid 30 days and automatically activate your Affiliate Program (with 50% Direct Commissions, plus override commissions entitlement) FOR FREE. It means that with only 2 sales you break even and all the rest is net profit!

30-day renewal

You can extend the validity of your Business Compact Pack at any moment before the 30-day expiration deadline.

70% Total Payout: the highest commissions in the industry.

We pay out a whopping 70% in commissions to our active Members. 50% as a direct commission plus 20% shared on the following 5 levels down, on all purchases made by customers owning the same type of pack as yours or lower, during the 30-day validity of your pack.

No obligations

You can stop renewing your Business Compact Pack at any moment. In that case all the other existing customers in your 6-level organisation will roll-up over you, so you’ll stop receiving commissions from them. Should you buy a new pack later, you can start again from zero, of course with the opportunity of starting your new customer downline again.



3$/30 Days Plan

Price for 1 Bid2Prosper: 0.29$

Earn override commissions 6 Levels Down on your Starter and Standard referrals.





6$/30 Days Plan

Price for 1 Bid2Prosper: 0.29$

Earn override commissions 6 Levels Down on your Basic referrals and lower.





15$/30 Days Plan

Price for 1 Bid2Prosper: 0.29$

Earn override commissions 6 Levels Down on your Bronze referrals and lower.





29$/30 Days Plan

Price for 1 Bid2Prosper: 0.29$

Earn override commissions 6 Levels Down on your Silver referrals and lower.





86$/30 Days Plan

Price for 1 Bid2Prosper: 0.29$

Earn override commissions 6 Levels Down on your Gold referrals and lower.





255$/30 Days Plan

Price for 1 Bid2Prosper: 0.25$

Earn override commissions 6 Levels Down on your Platinum referrals and lower.


Earnings calculator

Play often with the calculator available here, to “see” exactly how much you can potentially earn per month.


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ― Norman Vincent Peale

Average people in network marketing earn little or no income at all, just because they are mainly focused in earning a few tens or hundreds of dollars per month.

Obviously this kind of vision doesn’t justify any extraordinary effort needed to achieve the excellence. Consequently no personal commitment is taken and no consistent action is performed.

The good news is that once you realise that, the choice is yours; you can decide instantly, to change your belief and get rid of all those negative and pessimistic thoughts which usually populate every loser’s mind, destroying any chance of success they could have.

So: choose to be extraordinary and never accept mediocrity anymore. Unless you are happy with it, of course! 😉

Use the calculator to see which situation produces a 1-million dollar yearly income for you, depending on the pack you choose.

Income Impossible?

Build your Million-dollar Business step-by-step.

Learn how!
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