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Fabrizio Perotti, Team Leader at SFI
Fabrizio Perotti, Team Leader at SFI

It's 100% FREE ... just in case you were wondering.

Hey guys! Are you still wondering how Ad2Prosper or SFI can help you improve your life? Are you thinking Network Marketing is kind of “weird” and you are not sure if it could actually be something good for you?

Let’s meet on Skype and, in a 30-minute live 1-to-1 conversation, let’s explore together the best (…and the worst if any) of it. So, don’t be shy, reserve your slot here below. This initiative has just started, so no excuses … you’ll certainly find the good time slot convenient for you! 🙂

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IMPORTANT: the time slots below are all CET Time zone (Paris).

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Ad2Prosper Appointments Scheduler – Ad2Prosper
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Coaching 2-on-1

You have just started your business and you don’t know how to present it to other people?
Select the service “Coaching 2-on-1” from the drop-down menu and attend the session together with one of your a2p downline members. While I’ll present the business opportunity to your member, you can simply listen and learn more about a2p and the benefits it can bring to your and all your teammates.
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