stick with usas anticipated during the last summer holidays, in just a few days here at Ad2Prosper we’ll be ready to start a new season with a new amazing income stream never seen before!

A brand new concept for a brand new kind of income.

Can you imagine if you could earn ongoing commissions on all kinds of everyday-purchases of people worldwide, such as food, clothes, gas, bread, water, restaurants and whatever you can imagine?

And what if these everyday purchases could also allow these people to save a lot of money every day?

Well, that’s exactly where we’re headed with Ad2Prosper. In fact, through a multi-phase process, we’ll start to release very soon this kind of business. And you, as an Ad2Prosper Member will be ready to start building your income right-away.

If you’ve been inactive lately, we need to be sure really want to stay with us as we don’t want to bother you if for any reason you prefer to delete your A2P Membership.

So if you want to cancel your membership please do the following:

  1. Delete your A2P account here.
  2. Click the unsubscribe link you see at the bottom of this email.

Of course, we hope you’ll want to stick with us for the years to come. We’ll be more than happy to help you building your million-dollar business.

If this is the case, click here to login now and make sure your Ad2Prosper account is still active.

If you notice that your account has been suspended for inactivity, please open a support ticket here with subject: “unsuspend”. You’ll be then unsuspended rapidly.

We really appreciate your cooperation and patience while we’re still working to be ready for the first phase of the launch.

Stay tuned! Fab