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We’re very happy to announce the launching of a new and extraordinary tool to develop your Ad2Prosper business.

It’s the magic Bar2Prosper!

What do we mean?

Ever since Ad2Prosper appeared, we’ve given you the chance to participate in our centralized advertising campaigns, obtaining the proceeds of these worldwide campaigns directly, namely the Direct Referrals that you need in order to grow and expand your business more easily.

In this way, you’ve been able to reduce your investment in advertising and the respective financial risks considerably – a fundamental aspect for any successful activity all over the world.

Since these campaigns always entail enormous investments and risks on our part, we’ve worked hard to find the best way to make these referrals available to you in a way that makes them even more accessible to all our  Ad2Prosper partners.

Until now, in fact, our partners could request the transfer of Direct Referrals to their network only by paying a contribution that could even reach $5 for each referral received.

The new Bar2Prosper allows all of you to cut down this cost considerably, simply by devoting a bit of your time to it by viewing the advertisements that are present on A2P!

This way, starting today, obtaining Direct Referrals and reproducing them over your own network becomes much easier for everyone!

There’s more: thanks to Bar2Prosper, the visibility and rotation of your ads on Ad2Prosper will increase drastically, investments will grow, and that way your commissions can increase to new levels.

And that’s not all; starting today, every new Upgrade will include 1 Bar2Prosper account FOR FREE! Therefore, once again, a wonderful gift that we’re offering to all our valuable partners.

Be careful though: does all this mean that you’ll obtain active Referrals for sure that will immediately make you earn commissions?

Of course not! These Referrals, in fact, are people just like you. That is, people who are certainly searching for a good opportunity to earn money, and therefore excellent contacts, but that doesn’t mean that they will necessarily start producing commissions for you. Some will do it sooner or later and others won’t. That’s the way things are, obviously.

In fact, it’s well known in the business world that people need to be contacted various times and to understand the context better before they agree to be involved in an initiative that they need to get to know, in order to understand exactly what advantages they can obtain for themselves.

For this reason, just like all serious businesses all over the world do, for each one of you, as a businessman, it’s of fundamental importance to create a growing network of contacts that you monitor constantly, so that they can freely choose when to become active in your network.

Besides, if everyone was immediately active, what need would there be for us to give you Direct Referrals every month for free as we’ve done until now by including them for free in your upgrade packages?

Well, friends, some other new components of this extraordinary business called Ad2Prosper will be launched very soon. We’re never going to stop improving. So stay tuned and always ready to adapt to a reality that will constantly keep improving as we go forward.

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