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The new “Commissions2Prosper” Bonus just released!

Dear Members and Partners, do you remember the $5.1 dollar Prosper Balance prize which was included in the Startup Bonus? Well…it doesn’t exist anymore! But don’t worry as here’s the great news: we just released a fantastic new and improved...
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We need true Partners only

Dear Partner2Prosper, it seems our site has been attacked by some funny hacker, who is trying to create a real mess in your downlines. We’re currently investigating this matter and solving the issue that some of you may have encountered,...
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Why do they always earn faster than you?

It’s great to see how many A2P Partners have already started to earn commissions, just a few days after the launch of Ad2Prosper and, even better, just a few hours after they signed up. It’s curious to see this recurring...
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Will you punch us for this?

Dear A2P friend, If you’ve been actively looking to make money online for a while, you certainly found tens or hundreds of Digital Marketing “experts”, trying to teach you the perfect technique to be successful. Normally after having attended a...
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The Drowning Man

In about 20 years of online business networking, I have observed the behavior of tens of thousands of people. Very often they were people literally struggling financially, looking for a fast solution to make money. This kind of people used...
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