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Daily Tasks

What are my daily tasks as a Partner?

"Are you serious?? Are you telling me I can make money doing barely nothing every day?"

A2P Daily Tasks

“What can I do to help the Company to pursue their mission and be paid for that?”

In order to pursue our mission, just like any other serious and profitable Company, we basically need 2 things:

  1. To increase the customer base.
  2. To earn the loyalty of our customers.

As in Ad2Prosper you actually work for yourself (but not by yourself) and you are your own boss, the two points above are exactly your needs too.

And that’s where we make things really easy for you. Why?

Because we think everybody needs to be able to earn even if they “don’t have time” for a business and they “don’t like to sell”.


What are my daily tasks?


You should find the answer yourself, by always having your/our mission clear in your mind’s eye :

‘To bring tangible prosperity to millions of people worldwide.”

Yourself included, of course!

Your personal prosperity will be the natural consequence of your persistence in pursuing your mission.

Our prosperity as a Company will be the natural consequence of our persistence in helping YOU pursue your own mission.

So now ask yourself: “What can I do to help the Company to pursue their mission and be paid for that?”


So here’s how we allow you to satisfy the two needs listed above:

  1. We have centralised our global advertising campaigns, to bring hundreds of people interested in making money (99% of the world population) every day and allow you to get shares of these campaigns. Hence you can easily have a steady stream of Partners every month, to automatically build a strong and profitable network.
  2. All our Partners (you included) need only one daily requirement in order to earn the commissions produced (commissions are produced whenever a person of your network, with the same type of membership of you or lower, purchases a commissionable service) by their 6-level downline of Partners in real time: to look at a specific number of Ads daily, as stated in the official Compensation Plan. That’s it! All this means: “the easier they can earn, the more loyal they will be.
  3. Attend our NEW awesome Auctions2Prosper, and win highly demanded everyday-products, as well as essential ad2prosper business-building tools and services.

You personal contribution to the mission.

Here’s what you can actively do in order to achieve your Platinum monthly income goal of over 1 millions dollars as detailed in our extraordinary Business Compact:

All our partners must be focused on one single thing;

Get 12 serious Partners with the same type of Business Compact pack as yours.

This is how you get 12 serious Partner willing to duplicate you:

  1. Your Startup Bonus gives you 1 Direct Referral.
  2. Get them through our exclusive Bar2Prosper.
  3. Buy more Direct Referrals thanks to the Ad2Prosper Coop Advertising shares.
  4. Win Direct Referral packs at our Auctions2Prosper.

And if you already have some online marketing experience, you can also promote your A2P Business online, posting your referral link and other referral tools.

Just be aware that we have zero tolerance for spam or any other type of illegal activity.

“Do I earn just by recruiting other people?”

Not at all. When people signup you don’t earn anything at all. In fact that wouldn’t be legal.

Rather, as in A2P every person can signup for free and remain a Free Prosper Member as long as they want, you will earn ongoing commissions on whatever your Members and Partners in your 4-level downline buy at A2P.

For instance, you earn on all Advertising Campaigns, Upgrade Packages and any other kind of services we could decide to add all along the way, to increase customer’s benefits and Partner’s profitability.

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