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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business is this?

World-Class Trainings

IMTH means “Internet Marketing Training Hub” which is self-explanatory. With our exclusive Affiliate Program, we enable you to earn a substantial income, through our World-Class Training Collection.


Ad2Prosper includes also an auction platform. Through our unique auctions, our members can win high demanded products at a fraction of their retail price.


We also sell advertising campaigns to all kinds of advertisers. Through an advanced and unique affiliate program, we reward all our customers who help us to increase our sales.

Is this a sort of Pyramid scheme?

Ad2Prosper has nothing to do with pyramid schemes; we sell World-Class Quality Internet Marketing Courses to create new Internet Marketing Professionals. If you buy these courses through our “Business Compact Packs” you’re automatically enabled to earn commissions whenever your customers or affiliates buy any of our products.

  1. you only make money on products and services of real value, sold by the Company to the end consumer (a2p Customers and Affiliates)
  2. you have no limits on how many Direct Referrals you may have and the consequent direct commissions you may earn on their personal purchases.
  3. All our 30 days monthly pack give you a clear value and enable the affiliate program for you, which among other additional benefits, allows you to earn our exclusive Team Profit Bonus.

How does Network Marketing work?

The basic principle of Network Marketing we love most, is very simple: rather than earning money only on what you do personally, you can build a team of committed people like you, who duplicate your example.

To give you an idea, the above means that:

  • In a traditional job or business, the 100% of your income is generated entirely by your personal effort.
  • In a Network Marketing business, the 100% of your income is generated by the effort of 100 people, you included, who each produce 1% of the effort.

The result is this: the bigger your downline, the bigger your income, the more free time you have.

In fact, once the initial effort required to build an active downline has been made, you keep receiving your monthly income even when you sleep, when you are on holiday, or just enjoying your family, hobbies, sports, etc.

What are my daily tasks as a Partner?

Ad2Prosper business has been designed so that everybody can be successful, with particular attention for those who “have no time” and/or don’t like to sell.

That’s why the daily tasks, are reduced to just a few actions, as explained here: https://ad2prosper.com/business/daily-tasks/

What does "Direct Referral" mean?

A Direct Referral is a person who signed up at Ad2Prosper and who is placed in the first level of your downline.

Typically, as per our Affiliate Program, you earn a 50% commission on all your Direct Referrals’ purchases, but only if you have already bought their same type of Ad pack or higher.

A Direct Referral may buy any type of product. Hence, he could buy for instance a Starter ad pack today and a Platinum ad pack tomorrow.

How can I get more Direct Referrals?

You, just like all our partners, must be focused on one single thing;

Get 12 serious Direct Referrals with the same type of ad pack as you.

This is how you could get 12 serious Referrals willing to duplicate this strategy:

  1. Your Startup Bonus gives you 1 Direct Referral.
  2. All Upgrade packages include new Direct Referrals every month.
  3. You can buy more Direct Referrals thanks to the Ad2Prosper Cooperative Advertising shares.

And if you already have some online marketing experience, you can also promote your A2P Business online, posting your referral link and other referral tools worldwide.

At Ad2Prosper we accept expert marketers as well as people with no experience at all.

So expert marketer can easily find customers, members and partners thanks to their marketing skills, while people with no experience can take advantage of the Direct Referrals included in all our upgrade packages. They can even order more Direct Referrals through the link in their dashboard: “Buy Direct Referrals”.

In this way all our Partners have the same chances to succeed.

Why am I not getting paid for clicking on ads?

Please take an attentive look at our official Affiliate Program; you’ll notice that we emphasise the fact that as we are not a PTC (Paid To click) platform, we typically don’t pay for clicking on ads, even if from time to time, we could launch special initiatives and allow our Members to earn even for clicking on ads.

This is due to several reasons.

In fact it’s well know that PTC platforms have to deal every day with fraud attempts, automatic click cheating practices, no real value for advertisers, waste of time on long and boring tasks and tiny profits for their Members, especially if compared to the amount of time they must devote to it (when they are not cheating :).

Rather, our affiliate program allows you to make real good money, without having to cheat and without having to waste a lot of your time. Which is what allows you to build a nice income, even if you already have a primary job or a family to take care of.

In order to be entitled to earn the commissions generated by their downline the day after, our Partners are just required to make a minimum amount of daily clicks. So nobody needs to cheat the system with automatic clicks or other frauds whatsoever.

At Ad2Prosper, it’s much more profitable and easier to make money honestly, than trying to cheat and risk being suspended or deleted.

Why have I not received some commissions from my Partners' purchases?

There could be several reasons for that. For instance:

  1. Those partners purchased an ad pack higher than yours. So even if you have 7 days to match their purchase, the first commission is lost. You’ll start earning commissions on their next purchases, after you’ll have matched their type of ad pack, within the 7-day deadline.
  2. You have downgraded your Partnership to a lower level than your referral.
  3. When those referrals upgraded, they were not in your downline yet. So that commission has been paid to their initial upline. This could be quite frequent, due to rollup, cancellations, etc. – You’ll earn all the next commissions they could produce for you, since the moment they arrived in your network.
  4. Partnership renewal are not paid at the beginning of the month. They are paid monthly, 30 days after the initial upgrade. It means that all the corresponding monthly commissions are NOT paid to you at the beginning of each month, but all along the month, when the monthly fees are actually paid.

How does the Daily Click Requirement work?

It’s very simple:

depending on your type of ad pack (Starter, Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) you need to click a specific number of ads daily (this number can vary from time to time) as reported in ad pack table of the Affiliate PRO program Plan, in order to be entitled to earn the commissions that your downline members and partners could generate for you the day after.

Let’s see a few examples:

  1. you have a Bronze ad pack, yesterday you clicked on the right number of ads and today some referral in your downline makes a purchase. YES, you are entitled to earn that commission.
  2. You have a Bronze ad pack, yesterday you didn’t click on the right number of ads and today some referral in your downline makes a purchase. NO, you are not entitled to earn that commission.
  3. You have a Bronze ad pack, today you have clicked on the right number of ads but yesterday you didn’t, and today some referral in your downline makes a purchase. NO, you are not entitled to earn that commission.
  4. You have a Bronze ad pack, today you have clicked on the right number of ads and tomorrow some referral in your downline will make a purchase. YES, you will be entitled to earn that commission.

These examples are valid for all the other type of ad packs.

Why are my Referrals inactive?

This question is a very popular one with an easy answer.

When you ask us why your referral is inactive, you are actually asking: “why hasn’t this affiliate produced any commissions for me yet?”

If they haven’t produced any commissions yet, it’s simply because they haven’t made any purchases yet. Which is something absolutely normal in any kind of business, online and offline.

Imagine if you were the owner of a big store located in a mall anywhere in the world. Thanks to the Mall marketing strategies managed by third parties, you would get many people potentially interested in what you sell, hanging around your windows.

Some of them would walk in, look at your goods, spend some time in your store, talk with your vendors, etc. etc.

Some of them would probably buy something, but the majority of them would probably step out without buying anything. Maybe some of them will come back one day, other ones won’t.

Can you oblige them to buy something? Of course not. The best you can probably do is to help them understand how good your goods or services are. That’s it.

But this repeated process will eventually provide you with a good income.

Well, your Ad2Prosper business is more or less the same thing: thanks to our centralised marketing campaigns, we allow you to get loads of “visitors” (your A2P Free Members) for your business very easily.

Some of them will produce a result, some won’t.

But once you start having just a few good ones, who start duplicating the same process, your income will literally explode.

So, don’t worry, have faith and follow the path until you earn a 6-figure Platinum monthly income.

Why some of my Members have not Country? Are they real?

The system detects new Member’s Country once they have completed their first a2p login.

But you know that when people become a2p members, they are automatically redirected to the welcome page without having to login.

There it’s where they start to read the first information about the business and where they are invited to login. Some of them login immediately, some at a later time, some have still to login today and who know if they will login one day.

What you could do is to check your Genealogy Report, see their full names and try to get in touch with them through Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc etc, to offer them your help as their sponsor. Invite them to login and discover how great Ad2Prosper is. Build your credibility as their sponsor.

Once they start to login, you will see start watching their little flags showing up. 🙂

What if I downgrade my Partnership or I don't make the monthly renewal?

Why have I lost so many Members/Partners in my downline?

This could be perfectly normal. Why?

You want to make money fast, right? So you’ll love our “Quick earner set of rules“.

Our business is very simple and affordable to everyone, but it’s based on velocity and meritocracy. That’s why we’ve created a set of rule to help people acting fast, lead their team by example and be rewarded for that.

Make sure you know these rules perfectly.

Anyway these rules are not the only answer to this question.

In fact, people in your team are obviously free to do what they consider is better for themselves. So, just like you, they can simply decide to delete their membership, downgrade the type of their Partnership, or not to pay the monthly renewal of their Partnership.

They can also be suspended or terminated for violations of our policies.

Why haven't I received the FREE bonus Referrals included in my upgrade package, yet?

In order to get freshly signed-up referrals you will get them as soon as they become available.

They are distributed to partners as they upgrade in a first-come-first-served logic.

This can take from a few minutes to a couple of days.

Remember these Referrals are offered for FREE in the upgrade packages. The quantity may change and even go to zero, depending on the Company’s strategies.

What's the Bar2Prosper

What does "upgrade" mean?

With the upgrade of your Ad2Prosper account you can transform your status from simple Customer/Member to Partner.

By upgrading you commit to renew your monthly subscription which you can choose each time. In view of this commitment you will gain the following benefits:

1) You can Obtain Ad2Prosper advertising packages at more favorable conditions, reserved exclusively to Partners;
2) As an Ad2Prosper Partner, you are entitled to earn commissions on advertising purchases and upgrades made in the deepest levels of your team of Members and Partners, according to the conditions explained on the official website Ad2Prosper.com

Other benefits and incentives may be added to the various upgrade packages, according to the Ad2Prosper strategic plans. Take a look at the Partnership chart included in the official compensation plan to know what benefits are included at the time of your upgrade.

You can decide at any time to cancel your Partner status, or to not renew your monthly subscription. In both cases, instantly you acquire the status of a Free Member, thus losing all the benefits reserved to Partners.

In no event shall the monthly subscription fee be refunded.

Why your site is so slow and it takes very long to look at the ads?

Please consider the following: if you look at 15 ads of 15 seconds each, it should take about 5 minutes (15 x 15 = 225 seconds plus the time to chose the ads).

This is the only thing that we have impact on.

The fact is that the seconds bar starts to count the seconds only once the page you chose tho look at is completely loaded.

But this of course doesn’t depend on our platform at all. Rather it depends on 2 other factors:

1) how fast the server of that external website you are looking is.
2) the speed of YOUR internet connection.

This is simply because once you have clicked an ad on our pages, you are loading on YOUR computer with YOUR internet connection, a page which IS NOT on our server.

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