Millions of people worldwide are trying to make money online but they actually earn little or no money at all.

Millions of people worldwide, every day, take their car and get to their destination. It doesn’t matter how close or far it can be.

If people drove the same way they try to do business, they would go nowhere.

Going Nowhere
Every day, when you take your car or any other means of transport, you always know where you are going. Don’t you? And If you are leaving for a longer trip you’re also aware that you may need to plan it, that you need to stop to buy some gas and pay the toll. Some mechanical problem, as well as a flat tyre could occur at any moment. And so what? Would you renounce to go where you want to go just for that? Certainly not.

You would certainly persist until you get to your final destination. Because you certainly have a worthy final destination.

Isn’t it absurd to start a business without knowing your final destination? Nevertheless it’s what 98% of people normally do when they “try” to run a network marketing business. That’s what I’ve seen in two decades in this industry and I keep seeing every day.

Have you started a business already? What’s your destination? Do you know exactly what you want to achieve with it?

99% odds are that you haven’t. That’s the main reason why you’re not earning serious money and you’ll never earn it, until you setup your destination and commit seriously and irrevocably to get there. Doesn’t matter what obstacles you could find on your way.

In Ad2Prosper business, things have been made very simple for you, starting from the final destination: your million-dollar business.destinazione

Once you have clear what your exciting destination is, you can then plan your trip starting from there, coming backward until where you currently are.

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Do that, then, if you have questions post it here below.

In the next article we’ll see how you could plan and enjoy your journey.

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