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How it works

How it works


If you already have a primary job, or a family to take care of, you can’t spend many more hours per week, building and following another time-consuming business.

Wouldn’t you love to own an automatic and secure system working for you 24/7, producing revenue in real time, every day?

That’s why we’ve created our unique “Business Compact”: a new concept of a hands-free online business, where you can even get all the Direct Referrals you need, from all over the world, thanks to our Cooperative global advertising campaigns.

Our “Business Compact” allows you to reinvest a small part of your earnings each time you achieve a pre-established minimum monthly income. And this, in order to gradually upgrade to the upper Partnership Level and therefore keep increasing your income potential.

The plan requires attention from you just for a few hours per week, to produce a potential income of over 50k dollars per year initially, while you are on your way to your ultimate financial freedom, with an astonishing residual income goal that we invite you to discover here.

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