Network Marketing allows you to make a lot of money only if you work professionally at it. Otherwise instead of earning an extraordinary monthly income, you just waste an extraordinary amount of time.

The good news is that everybody can become a “professional” in this industry. You just need to take it seriously and follow the training offered by the Company you’re working with or by your professional sponsor. That’s how you can create that duplication process you need, to become a top earner.

That’s the magic word: “duplication”. In fact, as all professional Networkers know, Network Marketing without duplication is just an ordinary job.

The very first skill you need, as a professional networker, has to do with finding prospects. And, if you don’t have duplicatable systems to find prospects, odds are that duplication in your team will never start.

A “duplicatable system to find prospects” means an effective system, affordable for the vast majority of people, which can work not only for you, but for your entire team too.

With the above in mind, over he last few days days I have personally started to use, MLMGateway; a recently born lead-generation platform, where signing up for free you can start to get in touch with like-minded people right away.

It’s actually a great and well-structured community, animated by serious Network Marketing people, where you can interact openly and potentially get tens of thousands of laser-targeted leads for your business.

Fabrizio Perotti, Professional Network Marketer since 1997

MLMGateway, still has a limited number of Members (less than 60,000) but I’m sure that, as per its nature, it will expand its base very fast and we’ll be tens of millions getting benefits from it very soon.

I strongly suggest you guys to take a look at MLMGateway right now and sign up for free.

They also offer a premium membership for less than $25/Mo., which I immediately purchased as soon as I understood the value of this outstanding duplicatable business tool.

I’m currently testing other  tools to create new  great streams of leads for my businesses and I’ll keep you posted as soon as I’m sure they’re really effective. So, stay tuned: follow me on Facebook.