Know the rules perfectly to avoid damages to your network

About downgrading.

we noticed that when is the moment to renew their membership, some Platinum with a quite big network which includes other platinum Partner, rather than make a renewal of their Platinum partnership, they made a downgrade to a lower partnership, such as Silver for instance.

As a natural and correct consequence, all the Platinum and Gold Partners who where in their downline, obviously made the automatic rollup and become their upline sponsors.

This screenshot  below is a clear example of a platinum who just lost part of their downline, because on January 8th, rather than make a Renewal, he did a Downgrade to Silver.


The concept is very clear:

a downgrade has nothing to do with a renewal.


a downgrade is NOT a renewal.

When you make a downgrade you are purchasing the benefit of that specific type of partnership and obviously you are loosing the benefits of the higher partnership that you are leaving.

This fundamental concept of meritocracy on which all our business is based, it’s widely explained everywhere in Ad2Prosper website.

We don’t know the reason why a Platinum with a big network of platinum and gold, should decide to downgrade to Silver. But of course everybody is free too take all the decision he consider useful for himself, and this above is one of these cases.

The important thing is to know perfectly how the system works, in order to make it work for you, not against you.

In this case above, the system has simply followed the rules, with no mistake.

30-day monthly renewal: if the monthly renewal of your Partnership is not done before the 30-day deadline, the system will downgrade you to Free Member automatically. So all the upgrade benefits are lost and all your Network of Silver+ Partners, will rollup to your upline sponsors.

HINT: leave enough funds in your Balance to be ready to pay your monthly renewal when needed.