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Next week we will activate again the highly demanded Roll-up function!

Since we founded Ad2Prosper, this feature has been one of the most appreciated by our active Members.

What does “Roll-up” mean? It means that if you decide to upgrade your membership with one of our “Business Compact Packs“, you may “roll-up” over all your current upline members who have a Membership lower than yours.

So for instance, let’s say you are a Free Member and you have 10 other free members in your upline. If you upgrade your membership with a Starter Pack, you’ll roll-up above all of them, if they don’t decide to upgrade too.

The same may happen with all other kinds of Membership; let’s say you decided to upgrade to Gold and above yourself there are at this moment some Silver, Basic and Starter members. Well, if they don’t upgrade at least to Gold, you will roll-up and they will be in your downline.

It’s GREAT, isn’t it? 🙂

But be careful as the opposite is also true; it means that if someone currently in your downline, decides to upgrade to a membership higher than yours, they will roll-up above you and become your upline sponsor while you’ll become a member of their downline.

So, if you are serious about developing a 7-figure income with your a2p business, don’t wait any longer to take the first step; review all the information about how to build your million-dollar business and act now!

Have Faith, Follow the Path, Never give up!