Fabrizio PerottiAll along the years, I have realised there is a universal law in this world that we can’t change. But WE can change and reap all the benefits this law brings to us:

“The brave succeed; the skeptical don’t”.

It’s as simple as that. That’s why I spent the past 20 years helping skeptical people to become braver. Skepticism is a sneaky form of fear.

You can’t succeed if you don’t expect to be successful or you are scared about failing. Which is what the skeptical typically do.

The brave too can be afraid of failing, but they are courageous and optimists enough to face their fear and expect to succeed.

So they accept all the new challenges they find on their way, they don’t just walk away from them.

Think for a moment: ALL successes in human history have have always been the Thomas-Edisonconsequence of several failures. That’s a fact.

So, do you really think you could be that outstanding exception, who will succeed one day, without having failed before?

Well; I’m sorry but you won’t. So, if you want to be successful, you need to accept new challenges too, and accept that you could even encounter a few deceptions.

But there is good news.

In fact, if today you find yourself in a situation you dislike, it’s obvious that you have already failed one or more times in some aspect of your life. So, don’t feel frustrated about that, because it actually means that you could even be ready to succeed today!

You just have to start thinking and acting in a different way from the one which led you to where you are now.

How can you do that? I started many years ago, by getting inspiration from outside. And it’s quite easy.

Do this exercise:


There are two people; guess who the successful one is?

Person 1 lives with these frequent feelings and emotions: bored, tense, insecure, scared, weak.


Person 2 lives with these frequent feelings and emotions: happy, confident, motivated, determined, loving.


The successful person is:………………………………………………….

The good answer sounds obvious doesn’t it? 🙂

Now try to think about some successful people you really like. I’m sure you could make a long list. Then choose one of them as your model and write down the reasons why you like them.

Then, each time you find yourself in a difficult or unfamiliar situation where you feel insecure or scared, try to imagine how your model would react to it.

It’s like a kind of counselling you’re getting from the best side of yourself.

As our thoughts depend on our feelings and emotions, and our actions depend on our thoughts, I’ve understood that in order to be successful, first of all we need to switch our thoughts.

And the one above is a great way to easily start redirecting our Feelings/Emotions > Thoughts > Actions.

Once your mind is frequently redirected in a positive, happy and optimistic way, it literally starts to attract good things. Your wishes start to become reality.

And most importantly, the more your wishes match the wishes of a greater number of other people, the faster your new, brighter reality will occur.

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I want to finish this important message with another absolute truth:

“Skeptical people always arrive after confident people. But many times they don’t arrive at all.”

Fabrizio Perotti