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The Quick Earner Rules

The Quick Earner set of Rules

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Know the rules to be a Quick Earner

Each upgrade allows you to earn commissions on 6 levels of the same Partnership type or lower.

If you are a Free Member, and a Member in your downline upgrades higher than Bronze, they will become your sponsor or up line so you will lose them from your down line.

However, if YOU upgrade before your up line sponsors, YOU could roll up to the first sponsor, or others up line, with the same Partnership type as you. So you will overtake all your up-line Partners with a lower Partnership type than you, and they will become your downline.

If you have upgraded already, and one of your downline members purchases an upgrade higher than yours, you have 48 hours to purchase the same upgrade or higher. Otherwise you will lose them from your team. However, you won’t earn the initial commission produced by that upgrade. You will start earning those monthly commissions if you upgrade within 48 hours following their upgrade.

If you upgrade now, not only you avoid the risk of losing your referrals, but you also have the chance to roll up in the network and find your current upline sponsor and all their downlines, underneath you.

Upgrade before the deadline time displayed on your dashboard, to hold and cash-out the “Commissions2Prosper” Bonus produced for you by your up-line sponsors.

Our motto: Make money NOW or NEVER!

As explained here, we believe that in business, velocity is everything. Look at successful entrepreneurs; they are all brave and determined. So they can jump into action without having to “think about it” too long before acting.


If you want to be successful, you are obliged to be brave and determined too.

The following Quick Earner set of rules, has been created to help you show your determination and make money much faster than any other business opportunity.

Make sure you know the following rules perfectly before starting your a2p business.


Upgrade within 2 days after you achieve the Startup Bonus and you also have 1 Direct Referral FOR FREE (REAL PEOPLE, ‘not robots’, who signed up spontanesously as interested in making money online).

The only requirement you need to complete to be entitled to earn the daily commissions which could be produced by your downline, is to click on a few number of Ads daily, as stated in our official compensation plan.

  • IMPORTANT: as we are not a PTC (Paid To click) platform, we don’t pay you for clicking on ads. But, clicking on ads is what entitles you to earn the commissions that your entire downline could produce the day after.

30-day monthly renewal: if the monthly renewal of your Partnership is not done before the 30-day deadline, the system will downgrade you to Free Member automatically. So all the upgrade benefits are lost and all your Network, will rollup to your upline sponsors.

The GOLDEN quick-earner rule.

This is the basic principle on which all the other rules depend. This will help you to speed up your earnings:

You earn commissions on 6 levels of Partnerships of the same type of you or lower. If a Partner in your downline makes an upgrade higher than yours, you lose the corresponding commission. The good news is that you still have a 48-hour time frame to order their same membership type or higher, in order to keep their entire network and earn all the future corresponding commissions. Otherwise you lose them all.
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