The science of getting rich

One of the most significant self-help books in the last 100 years, “The Science of Getting Rich” is a unified approach anyone can apply to make wealth and success. Wallace Wattles has used his experience extensively in creating wealth and came up with a comprehensive outline that can be construed as what it takes for an individual to become rich. The running theme and factor in this book is your mindset as an individual.

Rhonda Byrnes accredits The Science of Getting Rich as an inspiration for her phenomenally popular book and film “The Secret”. The book itself is made up of 17 direct-and-to-the-point chapters that teach the reader how to push past the mental barriers that, so easily, hold us up on achieving our goals.

Many successful people openly confess that Wallace D Wattles formula contributed to their happiness and success both in their business and their personal lives. “The Science of Getting Rich” simple and clear principles to riches are holistic, solid and what every person needs to read again and again.

Wallace D. Wattles introduced the world to the power of positive thinking. He was a profound influence on Michael Losier and James Arthur Ray. With out Wattles "Science Of" trilogy there never would have been books such as The Secret, The Laws of Attraction, and the Power of Positive Thinking. Now you can go directly to the source with this easy to understand lesson book on using the Laws of Attraction to attract wealth. A Thrifty Book is a well designed, easy to read book at an unbeatable price.

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